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Friday, November 12, 2010

University Of Idaho Scholarship

University Of Idaho: Here is All Information about University Of Idaho, I read this Article Because Many Peoples of USA are Searching this word on Google. In Google Trends University Of Idaho is Volcanic at this Time.

University Of Idaho: There is a unique scholarship program at the University of Idaho called fund of money found. It's just that it sounds - a reserve of money that people have found.
It all started in the 1970s, Penny-pinching with a teacher.

"I found three cents on the way to school on the third day of January 1981," said Terry Armstrong, a professor at the University of Idaho. "Got my three hundred there and said," How much money can I get this year? "I was in the office of then-President and the Press found five cents. She said:" I'll put my money good nickel. Let's have a party at the end of the year. "

Later this year, Armstrong and his co-worker has saved $ 11. It was decided that it would be a big party with only $ 11, so that was donated to the university. What started as a joke has become a collection of real estate funds, with money earned in the world, mostly old. "On a more serious note, I have taught here for 44 years," Armstrong said. "You never have the money to do the kinds of things to do."
In late October, the Fund had $ 284,238.06 cash in it.

"When the market is right, we have enough money to double that amount every six years," Armstrong said. "A doubling would be half a million, another double would be one million and two years. He gets out there pretty well, even in times of recession shit." Armstrong said he would never spend real money, but spend only the interest on money you earn.

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