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Friday, November 12, 2010

Power Grid Fpo Retail Subscription

Power Grid Fpo Retail Subscription is Mostly Searching Keyword in India, Mumbai, And Delhi. So We Write an Article on Power Grid Fpo Retail Subscription this Keyword.

Power Grid Fpo Retail Subscription: The company offers a 5% reduction in the final price to its own employees Power Grid and retail investors. The minimum bid is 65 shares Sociales.La aims to increase the transmission capacity of 23,400 MW for the current fiscal year of 19,800 MW present.On the transmission side, the company was awarded by the project value of Rs 7,000 crore. She hopes to project bag worth Rs 14.000 crore in FY'11. The utility main transmission station also plans to raise Rs 8,000 crore by issuing bonds on the domestic market in August 2011 to fund its expansion plans. "We are finalizing ... may raise about Rs 8,000 crore next (financial) in the second or third quarter, "said Chief Financial Officer electrical J Sridharan.

French Polynesia shipping company run by the state has attracted bids of 84.17 million shares at Rs 90.53 crore share offered on the first day, according to data available on the National Stock Exchange. Although some of QIB was subscribed 2.09 times, the retail category was subscribed 0.06 times.The followed by public offer (FPO) of the largest transmission between the states of India Power Grid Corporation received a considerable response to the CIC and institutional investors and was oversubscribed 3.61 times. Power Grid Corp. opened for subscription of shares 841,768,246 shares with a nominal value of Rs 10 each for cash at a price band of Rs.85 to Rs.90.

It was interesting to see that yesterday's action was R 98, but not too close to the difference in the price of French Polynesia. Can gravitate a bit more, but I'd be surprised if it closes the gap and all the range of 85-90 A and that tells you what people think that the OPS price post-completion marketing. My feeling is that this is a very easy call for small investors in particular detail because they have shares in R 85. After the French Polynesia is, Powergrid Corporation has submitted a public offer of shares 841,768,246 shares with a nominal value of Rs 10 each for cash at a price band of Rs.85 to Rs.90 amount. The minimum bid for retail investors is 65 shares and in multiples of 65 thereafter.

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