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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eid Mubarak to all عيد أَضْحى مُبارَك وَسَعيد

 Blessed/Happy Eid Al-Adhaa
This Eid binds all the children of Abraham. If we are truly to reflect on the peity and blind faith of our great father sayidina Ibrahim (AS). This is a celebration of God almighty placing trust in man and establishing the covenant of flesh. On this day The One True God made a promise and has fulfilled. On this day the fate of man was foretold.
Faba`ayyi Alla ‘I Rabikhumma Tukathibaan.
May we reflect on the purpose of this Eid and the message which is tied firmly into faith, belief in Allah Azuwajjal. It is a reaffirmation of that covenant made with The One True God.
Enjoy this blessed Eid and reflect on it’s message.

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