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Friday, December 17, 2010

Wi-Tribe Introduces Unlimited Broadband Internet Package in Pakistan

Wi-tribe is the No.1 Quality broadband internet service Provider in Pakistan. PTA(Pakistani Telecommunication Authority) already declare Wi-tribe the No.1 internet service Provider in Pakistan Following Wateen on No.2 and PTCL on No.3. As we all know that PTCL is no doubt the worst broadband internet service Provider in Pakistan with slow speeds and various other complains. PTCL is using older equipment compare to Wateen and Wi-tribe for broadband internet. Wateen is much better than PTCL but their packages are not as flexible as PTCL.

So the question arises here that which broadband internet service provider is best suitable of us in Pakistan. Before today my answer was PTCL but now Wi-tribe is taking the lead in this race with introducing their new Endless broadband internet packages. Yes now you can enjoy unlimited downloads on Wi-tribe 512 Kbps and 1.5 Mbps Packages. Volume limit is not unlimited but its quite high compare to previous packages. PTA has implemented new Fair usage policy on all packages which means their is some limit. You actual volume on 512 kbps package is 30GB per month and for 1.5 Mbps Package it 40 GB which is i think more than enough for average user.

You can purchase Wi-tribe Endless Packages as mention below.

> Desktop modem (slider): Rs. 500
> Wi-Fi modem (slider PLUS): Rs. 1,500
> wi-tribe dongle (USB device): Rs. 2,500
> Activation charges are non-refundable

Plus you have to submit one month DSL charges in advanced with activation charges. Another benefit of purchasing Wi-tribe is that their payment options compare to other two Service providers. Now you can recharge your Wi-tribe with Prepaid cards of 250, 500 and 1000 rupees. Also their are now strings attached so you are free to go any where in the country where Wi-tribe provide its services.
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