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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

piryanka Chopra Hot Cleavage

Life Style of Priyanka Chopra

We live in a world where change is one of the major players! And that change occurs rapidly. This happens in us and around us and makes life interesting and equally challenging. I have, over the past few months, I noticed a lot of interesting things that emerged from this continuous change and some of them are probably worthy of attention. So his first ... 2,010 list of Top 5 lifestyle diseases:

1. Mobile ITES - a disease which resulted in the majority of the population in all age groups. Symptoms fairly clear ... constantly looking in the phone, itching to call and text ... It is infinite.

2. Twitter-IA / social status of OCD - is a double jinx. The virus spreads very quickly ... Initially, at the international level ... but what we have here in India, of course, not immune to! This virus is the end of the OCD brain is full and do not do anything if you do not tweet about it, or you're tangled and had to update their status across all social networking platforms for a minute. I woke up ... The coffee was ... drive ... Rain ... fights with friends, and then a taxi ... cry ... and died screaming. Pls RT!

3. Season Sport - The 4 seasons, which bring their own brand of diseases of various kinds of sports today, to create seasonal diseases that are not only men but also a certain percentage of the female population. We just finished with viral and IPL is now FIFA fever.

4. Drink-a-alcoholic - I can not start my day without my Caramel Macchiato with a double espresso, decaf coffee and soy milk, extra foam, no sugar, I also can not do it in a day or two liters of water in a special Packing vitamins! Let's not forget, Monkey tea leaves (tea leaf monkey sat only in the higher parts of the Himalayas), and energy, plus food, drink versions of all drinks and a long list of healthy alternatives to everything mentioned above. We love our drinks and even as !

5. Stress - it sounds pretty simple, but it seems that only one solution. Because we work so we should break ... not just an activity, but only one ... who sees or bungee jump from a cliff or just vegetate on the couch all day. Extreme potential for extreme situations.

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