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Tuesday, December 7, 2010



Our university is a formative social environment, based on work and academic discipline. The students are encouraged to participate in classes. We believe that distance learning, Internet-based and other non- or remote-participative systems have a poor formative value. The presence of our students in classrooms is automatically recorded, based on their personal identity electronic card. Their participation in classes will be reflected automatically in their grades, to ensure the minimum condition of the formative process: "in order to benefit from a formative education system, you have to participate first".

Our university encourages students to work in teams and to develop communication abilities by frequent practical exercises. In our view, the need for this approach is even more important in Romania, where the tradition in education at all levels is based on individualism and competition.

Our university is committed to a high quality standard of education. The teaching process is constantly audio- and video monitored, and the evaluation is constantly checked with statistic instruments. Periodical reports written by education experts are also used to assess the quality of the teaching process and to encourage improvements. Professors are selected by professional criteria only, and their contract is renewed every semester. Another innovation in quality assurance is the academic contract, a detailed, practical and complete written statement, clarifying all major and minor aspects of the teaching process. Attractive salaries play a role in motivating the teaching staff.

One of our strategic objectives will be to prove that corruption is not unavoidable in a Romanian university. Our duty will be to protect our students in the most delicate period of their formation against this dangerous and vicious factor, which could distort their views and ideals for life. Unfortunately, corruption has reached unprecedented levels in Romanian universities, encouraged by the lowest salaries professors are “rewarded” with. The evaluation process in our university was entirely designed to resist to the known methods of vicious evaluation, arbitrary evaluation, and fraud.

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