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Friday, November 12, 2010

Lori Darling David

Lori Darling David: this is Latest News About Lori Darling David. We Always Reporting you Hot Topics And News, So Now Lori Darling David News is for you.

Lori Darling David: He was arrested on Laurie David Darling, a mother of 37 years) of Katy, Texas, for sending nude photos of herself to her son's friend of 16 years). David is charged with two counts of soliciting a minor online.
ABC reports that Laurie David Darling is a regular volunteer at Katy Taylor High School, where his son and the recipient of the school photos.
David became the youngest man in front of friends near the end of September, and their conversations became increasingly sexual past. Authorities say he admitted publicly to send the boy David Magen photos of herself.
Said Tom Hopkins, Laurie David Darling neighbor
However, if I saw myself, I want to believe. It can not be the first to say hello how are you? But it's going to stay and talk properly. "
David is currently in jail on $ 20,000 bail. If convicted of two counts of solicitation of a minor on the Internet, they could face nearly 20 years in prison. She also registered sex offenders.
Sheriff's Office Harris County said they are investigating to see if Laurie David Darling spoke to all the other boys on the Internet.

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