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Friday, November 12, 2010

Gashti Meaning

Gashti Meaning: Hello My Dear Blog Readers, Today i am Defining the word of Gashti. "Gashti Meaning" this keyword is Moslty Searching from Pakistan and India. So I will Tell Its Meaning in Urdu And Hindi Langugae. Keep Reading Below.

Gashti Meaning: This Word,s Meaning in Urdu and Hindi "Chalnay Ya Phirnay Wali Cheez" For Example "Gashti Police" in English This Word Meaning Mobile Police, Yani Jo Police Gasht Karti hay yani k Ghoomti Phirti Rehti hay.

Gashti Word Using for Abusing in India And Pakistan.

Gashti Meaning And its Reviews From Other Peoples

Rami Say: Gaashti = Jo gaasht karay (for the female)

Irfan Say: According to the potty mouth experts , the word litreally means Tramp or a Slut... It's usually used for humiliating/degrading a woman.

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