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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bill Nye The Science Guy Collapses During USC Speech

Bill Nye The Science Guy Collapses During USC Speech: Bill Nye, better known by fans for his impressive old show, Bill Nye The Science Guy who made science interesting for an entire generation, collapsed during a speech at USC, reports the Los Angeles Times .

Apparently, he walked to the podium when he collapsed and was unavailable for about 10 seconds. Stumbling back, it seemed, by asking how long he had been to. He said the same thing had happened earlier this morning, but that does not seem worried and decided to continue forward with his lecture.

A few minutes of his speech began to slur and it was unstable. He continued to take sips of water and has refused several offers of a chair. Finally, it had to be helped backstage and treated by paramedics called to the scene.

What is really shocking about this story is that no one has done more.

"Nobody came to his aid at the beginning when it collapsed first - that has perplexed me beyond reason. Instead, I saw students text messages and update their status Twitter. It was a very strange evening, "Alastair Fairbanks, a senior at the University, said.

Is it just me, or are we raising a young heart without small shocks? Who comes snap some photos when a man collapsed like that? Especially the slurred speech seems to indicate a medical problem occurs. I suppose it could have been drunk, but it looks more like a stroke or something.

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